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No time is more exciting in a child's life than the days leading up to Christmas. Their anticipation grows everyday at possibly catching a glimpse of Santa or what will be waiting for them under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

By sending letters from santa you can enhance their Christmas experience! Imagine the joy in your little one's faces to see they received a personal letter from Santa Claus himself delivered right to them at their house! helps you find a trustworthy service that can deliver OFFICIAL Letters From Santa Claus himself directly to your child! You need to be careful when ordering a Letter From Santa that the provider is reputable and will actually send the letter and make sure it is on time. We have personally reviewed and approved the following services and guarantee your satisfaction:

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Package From Santa   

Package From Santa has the highest quality Santa Letters available! It is by far, the best value of any Santa Letter site! They also have the best add ons, including:

- Magic North Pole Snow™
- Genuine North Pole Pine Tree Seed™
- Santa Evidence Kit
- Santa Claus Thank You Note™
- Actual Swatch of Santa's Suit™
... and MORE!

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